A quick solution for you and a safe trip for your pet. When it's necessary to go to the veterinarian you want a reliable and comfortable way to transfer your pet.

In an unfamiliar environment where there are other animals your pet can experience stress and anxiety. The SturdiBagTM Pet Carrier can provide privacy. On both ends and on top are retractable Privacy Flaps adjustable to your pets needs.

A trip to the veterinary can be more comfortable when the SturdiBagTM is used at home so it gets comfortable to the idea to go inside. When going to the vet it's like taking your pet along in its safe and private portable confinement assocciated with home.

Reducing stress

The mesh windows provide sufficient visibility from the inside and outside while safeguarding your pet from activity outside.

The SturdiBag Pet Carrier

Picking up and carrying your pet carrier should be easy to do so you can avoid a rough ride for your pet. The SturdiBagTM is super light weight and you'll definitely feel it! A comfortable bottom foam core base creates a stable platform.

On top of that a comfortable fleece pad and your pet has a cozy stay unlike any other pet carrier.  This feather-light carrier is made of tough fabric with tension rods that give it shape.

SturdiBag™ features:

  1. Award-winning flex-height design
  2. Feather light, yet durable construction
  3. Mesh windows/door for proper ventilation
  4. Retractable privacy flaps over mesh
  5. Adjustable 4-point padded shoulder strap
  6. Durable leather hand grip
  7. Zippered front entry and top access
  8. Safety tether and zipper clips
  9. Seat belt safety straps
  10. Base board to prevent sagging
  11. Washable fleece comfort pad

The SturdiBagTM and the Pop-Up Kennel are designed for optimal comfort and safety for you and your pet.

Whether your pet is ill or just going to the veterinarian for a checkup. He or she will benefit from a comfortable and safe commute. For a longer trip by car to the vet a Pop-Up Kennel Small on the backseat can contribute to less stress and anxiety because of more space to move around in. Seatbelt safety straps ensure a safe ride. It already saved pets lives!

Once you've arrived at the vet you can easliy transfer your pet into the SturdiBagTM so you can walk into the waiting room without any effort.