Let's hope it never happens but are you prepared for pet evacuation?

If a disaster happens where you live you want to be prepared to quickly and safely evacuate you and your pets.

Carry on foot
for fast

Picture by MetatronEyes.com

PREPARE your family's emergency kits and pet carriers well before you may need them.  

to introduce and familiarize each family member — including your pets — to the pet carriers and portable kennels, where they are stored, and the idea that the carriers are your animals' 'safe space'.

CONTAIN your pets as quickly and calmly as you can once an emergency develops. Contain your pets first before searching your house for valuables so that your pets will be less fearful and likely to hide.

immediately upon securing your emergency supplies and pet carriers.

Start preparing now: Our travel-friendly Pop-Up Kennels with the included carrying case and Pet Carriers make a great foundation for your Pet Evacuation Kit. 

The special divided SturdiBagTM pet carrier offers separated spaces for multiple pets.

Walk a good pace on foot with minimal constraints on your body and safe and steady for your pet.

Because it’s feather lightweight it’s easy to carry by hand or on your shoulder.