Safety + Comfort + Adventure = Freedom

Our pets as inspiration
We love our pets. That’s why we set out to give all the pet parents of Europe access to some of the best pet products in the world. We want you to know what it is like to be free to go wherever you want or need to go with your pet, and not having to worry about anything. Safety, comfort, adventure, freedom, for Pets and People.

We don't just want to bring world trends to Europe. We want you to experience what a quality product can mean for you and your pet. Products that can last a pets lifetime are one part of this experience. Thats what quality means to us.

Meaningful moments
We believe that the moments worth savouring are those precious moments with your pet. For whats worth more than going for those hiking trips with your pet? Or making sure your pet is comfortable during long flights? We want to help you create such special moments.

We think SturdiProducts are among the best Pet Products the market has to offer. We want to build a bridge between the USA and Europe when it comes to people being able to buy these products. It has never been easier or cheaper for the people of Europe to acces some of the products SturdiProducts produces. 

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