There's no place like home with SturdiProducts.

Even when you are not out and about, your pet will love to stay in his SturdiBag or Pop-Up Kennel.

MetaTronEyes™ kittens by Lee & Cristina 

"Safety for our cats is a priority, so we use products that are known for their high quality and that we feel that they will protect our cats the most. We exclusively use "Sturdi Products" for our cat carriers, show cages, and various accessories.

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At Home After Surgery

" I had to put Layla back in a carrier because I couldn't keep her calm. I had confined her to our bedroom with a recovery area setup but she continued to panic too aggressively and was in danger of hurting herself and possibly rupturing her surtures from too much of an impact. 

It is heartbreaking to hear her cries but thankfully she has calmed down in the carrier we just bought them last week from @SturdiProducts - so far this carrier has been a lifesaver for Layla's recovery." Layla's owner